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My Book Review: “Everything is Figueroutable” By Marie Forleo :)

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I hope your doing well. I have been reading and doing the exercises of Marie Forleo’s book Everything is Figueroutable for quite some time now and I give this self help book 5🌟stars! I absolutely love this book and take it with me everywhere. I tab all the exercises and write them on separate sheets of paper. Here are 5 reasons for 5 stars🌟!😁

✨ Marie Forleo not only shares her personal life events on how she used this motto of “Everything is Figureoutable” but also shares how others have used it as well.

✨The exercises she uses create a lot of mental stimulation such as when she says in one of the steps: “Now,cross out each of those negative or limiting beliefs and write “BULLSHIT” next to each limiting belief. (Do it. It’s fun!)pg 46 Insight to Action Challenge.” Psst I did it🀣 and it was fun!πŸ˜„

✨ Her book speaks to you a in way that its almost like meeting a friend for coffee when you had a long day except that she is not only being a supportive friend but she is teaching you how to work on your own self perception, fears, and self doubts.

✨This book helped me push through a lot of my own personal insecurities and own up to my own in actions when she says,”There are two kinds of people in the world:those with reasons and those with results.” Pg.63.

✨I have been feeling a lot more confident in my goals and pursuits even though I’m constantly surrounded by others who look at me like I’m wasting my life due to my many failed, did not follow through, and inconsistent attempts of going after something that in the end I realized I wasn’t happy with…on top of having the constant intimidation of my colleagues personal growth and lack of support thereof that doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I’m handling, focusing, and realizing now more than ever that everyone has their path and I have got to own mine and that I don’t need to compare or copy myself to others. Marie says,”They don’t have some magical gene you don’t. They’ve simply learned how to tap into their inborn power. The goal is not to compare ourselves to others (always a losing proposition), but to be inspired by our shared humanity.” Pgs. 62-63.


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I love this book so much I’m actually thinking of buying another one just to highlight and mark in it so that I can have one book marked and one not marked since if your a person like me that can’t even handle one of the pages in your books cornered you know the feeling…πŸ˜… They even have it in audio which I’m thinking about listening to when I go for a walk. When you get so engulfed in a book like this you just want to absorb every bit of it in its entire capacity. πŸ˜†β€πŸ“š
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Here’s a little sneak peak of what I’ve been working on…😁



Rain! I love the rain! It makes me happy and it makes me sad because its peaceful at the same time depressing. I remember me and my younger sibling would run bare foot in the pouring rain, splashing and kicking our feet in these big dirty puddles enjoying mother nature’s pool. We would get soaked from head to toe smiling and laughing at the sound of the splashes at the same time screaming and ducking in fear of the thunder and lightning. We loved that we were the only ones outside enjoying this disaster as the world stood silent until the threat was over. As we embarked on our quest of rain tag not caring what anyone thought or if we got sick we took it all in; the moment of all moments. At the end of our play we would go back inside wrap ourselves into something really fuzzy and warm while drinking hot chocolate watching the rain until it stopped. Once it did… it was back… the world of machines and meaningless gossip. The cleanse was over until the sun came to dry and warm the earth. I miss those days. Those days when all you had to worry about was getting sick and mom not finding out you’ve been eating the brownies all this time. Now that I’m older I still like to feel young again, a kid at heart sometimes, but unfortunately most of my rainy days are used to hide my bad days, my tears, but once it rains and I get caught in the middle of it I enjoy it. While everyone else is hiding under the store hoods and bus stops I would keep walking. I would walk and walk until I was soaked from head to toe feeling cleansed by mother nature’s shower. It felt so good…refreshing actually until I had to go home and take a shower and change. This beautiful oxymoron of happy and sad weather was the definition of my childhood. I didnt understand why the sadness was there it just was. This feeling of emptiness that needed something to fill this void I had inside me. Well now that I’m older I think I realized why I was so empty I was seeking something that wasn’t there or never existed an adventure of sorts that played with my imagination until reality sank in and the sun came up. Sometimes the journey is not what’s around you its what you make of it. You are the key to your own treasure chest its up to you if you decide to open it.

A.H. 😊




Pictures! You know… if I knew then what I knew now…that I would still be wanting the life I have always pictured for myself I think I would have never have gained so much confidence, tanicity, and wisdom. Who would have thought the pictures that I had in my head as a little girl would still be the same pictures I still have now. I would always think everyone else I knew had it all figured out and that I wish I was like them knowing what I want, setting out a path for myself, planning my future, making a decent income,but for some reason I realize now that I was stuck in a cycle. I remember constantly going back to my sketch pad writing out my tree diagrams trying to understand what I wanted and some how make it into fruition and how I was constantly telling myself, that I cant do this because I’m not smart enough, I cant do that because its to risky, my family would never approve, and the list goes on and on. Constant ruminating of thoughts of how stuck I was in my own head like a never-ending merry-go-around, like Alice sliding down the rabbit hole except not only was she not finding her way out but that she didnt know she was in a cycle to begin with and that I was just dealing with my own insecurities and that I didnt need to share everything to my family and friends and that privacy is a blessing in itself. I realize now how sheltered I was from the world that I could not experience alot of the things I wanted to but along the lines the universe allowed me to experience some of these things but in its own unique fashion under the circumstances that I was in. No matter how much money I would save, or plan I had for my future it never followed through…correction I never followed through because the truth is… well, I didn’t know where to go once I got there. I would constantly go to school, take courses, get certificates, get experience in those fields and guess what still nothing. I must have lived 10 different lives, identities, titles, looks that I didnt dig deep enough and realize what truly made me happy. That once I got to where I was I didnt like the picture that I was in. Well at least I got a couple of back up plans under my belt, but this, this blog, this site, this online business is the moment of all truths, a make it or break it kind of deal, the end to all cycles because guess what the picture is still there and its not going to go away. It will stay there and stay there until you manifest your goals, your affirmation, your dreams into reality because the truth is no one else will.




Our Thoughts…

Thoughts! A concept that I simply can’t get enough of. We conjure thoughts every day that help us to create the world we live in. However those thoughts can either help us to succeed in the world or simply allow us to fail…yeah, well, guess who failed on multiple occasions…me :P. Unfortunately it took me a very long time to realize my own thoughts was navigating my life in a very unsupported way. I allowed them to take over to a point where I felt like “Alice in Wonderland” falling down the rabbit hole not knowing when I would wake up. Now if I had made these thoughts more positive, supported, and open minded maybe I wouldn’t have lead myself to thinking I was trapped in my own world never knowing when I would come out of it. What I come to realize no one teaches us how to properly navigate our thoughts and allow it to be used as a positive attribute in benefiting our lives. We come across individuals in our day to day that shape our view of the world not realizing that we can choose not to listen to them. We can stop ourselves from believing that were not the captain of our own ships and allow ourselves to focus on the journey ahead rather then the seaweed clutching to the bottom of the ship trying to make us believe it can make its way to the top in our effort to stop our minds from focusing on the task at hand. Now, there are some individuals who will disagree and say that due to their environment and unfortunate circumstances that it would be impossible for them to ever persevere, but I believe one’s circumstances is another’s treasure you can only shape or change your mind on how you choose what future is right for you.

A.H. πŸ™‚